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Tuesday 10 January, 2012 - 15:00 PM EST

“Masters of the Sea. Italian Yatch Building, a Story of Excellence”

Office Panerai to release a new yachting book

Officine Panerai has partnered with the Fondazione Cologni dei Mestieri d’Arte to produce a new book on the yachting culture: ““Masters of the Sea. Italian Yatch Building, a Story of Excellence”.

The book documents how Italian leadership in yacht building, today worldwide acknowledged, is certainly based on design and style but also on skilled craftsmanship, technology and the traditional know-how of certain regions as well as on the values of a deeply-rooted culture of the sea. All of which can be related to some extent to the watchmaking industry as well and its Panerai’s close relationship to the yacht culture. 

Built on extraordinary first-hand accounts of the protagonists of many leading Italian success stories (entrepreneurs, master shipwrights, craftsmen, designers, yacht owners and skippers, including some legendary names that have made nautical history), the book guides the reader through an intricate and fascinating maze of activities and actors. The author aims at helping the reader to understand what the hallmark Italian elements of excellence are, what is the meaning of "Métiers d'Art " in the nautical world of today, as well as how to protect and pass on the culture of the sea, an enormous wealth of knowledge and values. 

“Masters of the Sea. Italian Yatch Building, a Story of Excellence” has been written by Professor Luana Carcano of the Bocconi University in Milan and is enriched with original drawings by Victor Togliani, one of Italy’s most famous illustrators. 

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