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Tuesday 29 March, 2011 - 11:00 AM EDT

Baume & Mercier, legendary femininity

Women as Baume & Mercier's muse

Baume & Mercier

The love story between Baume & Mercier and women began in the 1920s, when time deserted waistcoat pockets to take its place on the wrist. It was only a step from the first wristwatches to the birth of dainty jewelry watches, and Baume & Mercier proudly blazed this trail by creating distinctive and dainty watches that became genuine adornments. The adverts of the era offered women “Fanciful Timepieces for Ladies”. Considering femininity as an unquenchable source of inspiration, the brand has established enduring yet constantly evolving ties with women. Over the
generations, this relationship has become one of heart-felt mutual affection and understanding, expressed and strengthened through a string of creations running from the “Baignoire” launched in 1920, the “Diamant” introduced in 2005, as well as the “Marquise” in the 1940s; the famous “Catwalk” cuff-watch unveiled in 1997; and of “iléa”, designed by a woman for women in 2008.

Internationally acclaimed while remaining totally authentic and profoundly human: Meg Ryan, Kim Basinger, Teri Hatcher and Evangeline Lilly have all embodied the Baume & Mercier vision of timeless and quintessential femininity. Four advertising campaigns from 2006 to 2009 have enabled the brand to commit to supporting causes such as cancer research, childhood education, aid to underprivileged women and the fight against poverty.

Memories are made of this:

March 8th 1910 in Copenhagen. The first International Women’s Day. In addition to
the right to vote and to take public office, women demanded the right to work, to
professional training, and an end to discrimination in the workplace.

March 8th 1914 in Germany. Women claimed the right to vote and were finally granted
it on November 12th 1918.

March 8th 1975 in the United Nations. The UN began sponsoring the International
Women’s Day.

March 8th 1982 in France. The socialist government instated the official celebration of
Women’s Day.

March 8th 1986 in Washington, 100,000 people marched to demonstrate against
conservatives’ attempt to eliminate the right to abortion.

March 8th 1998 in the Soviet Union. Launch of the first beauty contest...

March 8th 2001 on the internet. Launch of the permanent Women’s Day website in order to
preserve a trace of all that has been done and said on behalf of Women’s status in society.

March 8th 2010 in Switzerland. Baume & Mercier launches its newsletter
specifically dedicated to women.

The spirit of a collection:

Singular and yet multi-facetted, elegant and winning, physical and slender, simple or precious, timeless and more rebellious than ever, the “Diamant” is the epitome of free-spirited femininity. Like active women who pursue several lives in a single day, it is the perfect match for every moment.

Rythmical details:
Pure, slim lines, sensual curves, a square case clothed in steel or gold, either  diamond set or non-set are the characteristic features of its inimitable identity.

Distinguishing mark:
An oval crown set with an off-centered diamond like a signature.

Emancipated femininity:
Embodying the diamond brought within reach by Baume & Mercier, the “Diamant” is a watch that women dare to buy for themselves – thanks to gender equality!

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