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Friday 17 December, 2010 - 12:00 PM EST

Breitling Navitimer 1952 Quantieme Perpetuel

50 years of tradition

Caliber: Breitling 29 // Vibrations per hour: 28.800 // Jewels: 38

To mark the 50th anniversary of the Navitimer, the brand’s emblematic moel, Breitling has released a limited series of a Perpetual Calendar chronograph (QP), a Grande Complication instrument composed of close to 500 parts. This mechanical masterpiece indicates the day, date, week, month, season, leap year and moon phase, with no need for adjustment. No less than thirteen hands and pointers are required to display all this information. Reserved for connoisseurs, this exclusive Navitimer QP series has been crafted exclusively in precious metals: 50 in yellow gold, 50 in rose gold and 25 in platinum. Each Perpetual Calendar Navitimer is of course officially chronometer-certified.

Correcting and setting mechanical functions:

Functions other than the time are set by pressing with a slightly blunt point (like a ballpoint tip) on the watch’s recessed correctors as follows:

1.    Moon phases: press corrector D to position the moon in its current phase,
2.    Date: press corrector F and position the hand on digit 1.
3.    Month and year: press corrector G to adjust the month and, if necessary, the year.
4.    Season: press corrector H to bring the season hand to the mark proceeding the current season then adjust the hand as follows:

January      0 press
February    2 presses
March         4 presses
April            0 press
May             2 presses
June           4 presses
July             0 press    
August       2 presses
September    4 presses
October          0 presses
November     2 presses
December     4 presses

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