Bulgari watches History

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Bulgari History

The History of Bulgari


The History of Bulgari
Bulgari Models
Bulgari case dating and identification

The History of Bulgari

Bulgari is one of the world's leading manufacturers and retailers of luxury products. Since the very beginning, Bulgari traditionally focused on creating the highest quality jewelry and watches, expanded later into the production of perfumes, silk scarves, and eyewear.

The history of Bulgari began in 1884 in Italy, when Sotirio Bulgari, a Greek immigrant, opened his first shop on Via Sistina in Rome. Sotirio descended from a family of silversmiths. In 1905, with the help of his two sons, Costantino and Giorgio, a second shop was inaugurated on Via Condotti. The store quickly became a place where the aristocracy, the rich and the famous came for unique high quality jewelry designs that integrated Greek and Roman arts. During the first decades of the 20th century, the two brothers developed a passionate interest in precious stones and jewels becoming the finest professionals in this craft. Giorgio devoted his life to the creation of a "Bulgari style". Costantino compiled his studies and experiences in a book "Argentieri, Gemmari et Orafi d'Italia", creating the most authorized and serious reference on Roman silver.

During the 1940s, Bulgari introduced their first timepiece, the snake-watch, that was inspired by the Art Deco period of the 1920s. It was unique and extravagant, with bold coils of gem studded gold. Bulgari snake-watch quickly became an unmistakable attribute of jewel-watches.
In the 1960s Bulgari's clientele included Italian nobility, South American political figure Evita Peron, American businessmen, like Nelson Rockefeller and Woolworth's founder Samuel Henry Kress, and the U.S. Ambassador to Italy Clare Boothe Luce. In the 1970s Bulgari opened its first international store in New York, and later in Paris, Geneva and Monte Carlo. Bulgari re launched the snake-watch with the "Tubogas", a flexible elastic gold bracelet entirely hand-made.
Although the company had created and sold pocket, lapel, and wrist watches for men and women throughout its history, Bulgari did not introduce a major collection of its timepieces until the late 1970s. The year 1977 saw the creation of the Bulgari Bulgari, with a double engraved logo on the perfect cylindrical section, which became the company's most recognized and highest selling watch. In the 1980s, Bulgari remained in the high position of the jewelry market, expanding itself by opening several other stores throughout the world: Munich, London, Milan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Tokyo.

Most of the Bulgari watches have more then 200 pieces, some of which are 0,3mm, which demands extremely professional knowledge and skills of the master watchmaker. Bulgari is one of the few watch manufacturers able to produce timepieces with high-complicated movements. The Bulgari watches are made in the heart of the "watch valley" in Switzerland and are subject to the toughest tests to insure the highest standards of quality of their movements. Bulgari's strategy of continuous search of perfection, technological development, spiritual beauty and original style led this company to be one of the finest and top selling watch-building companies in the world.

Bulgari Models


"D"... Diva, Donna, Diamonds...

Assioma D, one of the finest and most irresistible watches in the world, was specially created by Bulgari for the demanding woman seeking elegance and simplicity. It lets your imagination fly. It is inspired by classical lines giving birth to a minimalistic design combined with precious metals and stones. This model is a pure seduction, a pure luxury, a reflection of a female soul.

  • Assioma D


Bulgari Assioma watch has a powerful personality. Its exclusive and highly innovative quadrangular case, a perfect fusion of precious metals and stones, makes an impression of refinement and authority. Bulgari Assioma lineage comes with high-complicated movements, which is a very important component, that give this watch a spirit of success and high potential. Perpetual calendar, AM/PM indicator, chronograph, hand-finished case back with pelage treatment and a metal or pre-curved alligator skin bracelet with deployant buckle are only few of the features that make Bulgari Assioma a truly influential timepiece. Curved scratch-resistant sapphire crystal with anti-reflection treatment underlines the forms of its quadrangular case and makes it a sophisticated timepiece. Polished case-back, engraved with the Bulgari logo and model numbers, has very smooth curves that make it feel extremely comfortable. All Bulgari Assioma Watches are Water-resistant to 30 meters. Bulgari Assioma is a reflection of a masculine spirit.

  • Assioma


The Bulgari Bulgari watch was introduced in 1977. This timepiece has the brand's most distinctive design and an entirely original case geometry, that made it so famous. It remains as the most highly celebrated Bulgari model till our days.
As the Bulgari Bulgari name stands for, it symbolizes simplicity and the purest essence. This lineage embodies not only the perfect fusion between traditional craftsmanship and the most innovative technology, but also the spirit of the Bulgari watches.
Bulgari Bulgari watch is a combination of different precious metals and stones and the most advanced technological features, such as automatic or manual movement, chronograph features and power reserve indicator.
Its bezel, a perfect cylinder, with the double engraved Bulgari logo, extremely easily-read-hand-applied-dial indicators, unmistakable design and a sophisticated mood, give to this Bulgari timepiece a contemporary style. You may choose a small model to an extra large one.

  • Bulgari Bulgari
  • Bulgari Bulgari Old
  • Bulgari Bulgari Tubo Gas
  • Bulgari Bulgari Complications


Inspired in the 1930s and Art Deco, Bulgari Rettangolo is a representation of a classic watch, yet it looks very contemporary. This is the only timepiece with a rectangular case in Bulgari collection. It comes in gold or steel with Bulgari engraved logo at six o'clock position and with elegantly designed dial. The chronograph and date indicators, finely positioned on the vertical or rectangular treated dial, together with bold Arabic numbers underline the exceptionally-clear-cut-case geometry. Bulgari Rettangolo are designed for elegant men and women.

  • Rettangolo


A fresh, simple and sporty Bulgari line. Perfect proportion, balanced and soft curves of the case geometry are endowed with the continuity of its design. Unity of all the elements, harmonious fusion of curved case and bracelet, outline the dynamic style of the Bulgari Ergon watch. Its design gives an impression of full comfort. It may come with chronograph and date functions, with different types of movements, on gold, steel or alligator bracelets. A graceful touch of diamonds on the dial and case-lugs can convert this model into quite a luxurious timepiece. Bulgari Ergon is for energetic people with dynamic spirit, and comes in small, medium or large sizes.

  • Ergon


The Bulgari Diagono watch is the brand's pioneering lineage for its bezel with diagonal design and an unexpected combination of materials, where Aluminium and Titanium stand out. In fact, its name "Diagono" comes from ancient Greek word that means competition, and determines the nature of this Bulgari's lineage.
Bulgari Diagono, with its distinctive and peculiar design, combines gold and rubber, aluminium or titanium with a vulcanized black rubber. Titanium Diagono are extremely light and resistant wristwatches. Hand-applied dial indicators with rhodium plated luminescent hands and bi-directional rotating bezel place this linage into the category of professional watches, suitable for different kinds of sports and activities such as scuba-diving, traveling, time-kept races.
Bulgari Diagono has exceptionally complete technical characteristics. It may include automatic movement with 42 hour power reserve, chronograph, GMT with 3 time zones, AM/PM indicator. Bulgari Diagono lineage has an extremely precise and reliable chronometer function, which was certified by the COSC "Controle Officiel Suisse des Chronometres", a Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute.
This watch is manufactured to undergo the most extreme conditions, to run faithfully in the water, in the air or on the earth, keeping extremely accurate time.
Bulgari Diagono is for adventurous and fearless people, who need a real watch.

  • Diagono
  • Diagono Aluminum
  • Diagono Titanium


Bulgari Diagono Professional Acqua

A special watch for the Scuba Diving professionals. Diagono Acqua are water-resistant up to 100 meters, and some versions of 42mm cases can even stand water pressure at depths of 2000 meters. Diagono Professional Acqua gave birth to the pioneering Scuba Chrono version, certified by COSC, that combines creative design, the most advanced technological features, and maximum resistance. The chrono functions can be used during the immersion, the dial indicators including the sub-dials are guaranteed to be easily read in the depths of the ocean. Diagono Acqua's unidirectional bezel and specially-curved, ultra-resistant sapphire crystal can stand the most adverse conditions of the most demanding professionals. It comes in steel, gold or combined, with metal or rubber bracelet.

Bulgari Diagono Professional Aria

Bulgari Aria is a GMT watch with 3 time zones and essentially takes aim at keen travelers. The GMT function enables to keep track of 3 different time zones simultaneously by combining the use of hands, a two color réhaut (red for the day and blue for the night), and a bi-directional bezel with a 24 hour time-scale.
Diagono Professional Aria is chronometer certified by COSC and has a leading-edge characteristic, a Chrono Fly-back, which is a special chrono function, very useful in traditional air navigation.
Diagono Professional Aria comes in steel, gold or combined, with metal or rubber bracelet and ultra-resistant sapphire crystal. It is water resistant up to 100 meters.

Bulgari Diagono Professional Terra

This Bulgari collection is endowed with a Tachymeter chronograph function, that is an instrument used for distance and speed measurements, and course orientations. It may come with chrono or with complicated movements such as Rattrappante or chrono-amplificator. Diagono Professional Terra is also chronometer-certified by COSC, and is an extremely reliable and precise timepiece.
Diagono Professional Terra comes in steel, gold or combined, with metal or rubber bracelet and ultra-resistant sapphire crystal.

  • Diagono Pro Acqua
  • Diagono Pro Aria
  • Diagono Pro Terra


A ring that becomes a watch. Bulgari B.Zero1 has a beautiful minimalistic design and a strong feminine glamour. It is created in a form of a ring, in a delicate and truly innovative style. Pleasant outline and elegant feminity create harmonic and strong personality. Its elongated case surprisingly hides an adjustment button, which is on the case back, that replaces the crown to prevent breaks in its perfect shape. Bulgari B.Zero1 truly reflects a pure vibration of a female soul.

  • B.Zero1


Bulgari Lucea is a combination of the most highly-geometric designs with the natural curvature of the bracelet, intensified with a great variety of multicolored stones and diamonds. The Bulgari Lucea watch is introduced in five different variations and is presented exclusively in 18K white gold. The luxury bracelet, an alternation of squares and circles, merges with the square case and transmits aura of refined elegance. A jeweled bracelet clasp and a mother of pearl dial complete its singular and unique style.

  • Lucea


Bulgari Astrale line has a particularly unique design, that expresses pure femininity. It truly reflects the authentic spirit of the mysterious world of jewelry-watches, with its constellations of gems on a round case and a tiny dial. Its geometry is always emphasized by the patterns of contrastive precious stones.

  • Astrale


Bulgari Ipno is the highest expression of Bulgari imagination in the world of watches. It is a fascinated and unmistakable piece with a truly audacious and brave design. Its uncommon fusion of beauty and technology is expressed in one single cylinder, that contains a movement and an innovative digital dial. This gives an ultra modern look to this watch. Bulgari Ipno timepieces comes in steel and ceramic or with the lugs decorated with diamonds.

  • Ipno