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Chopard News

Thursday 07 October, 2010 - 09:00 AM EDT

A new book celebrating Chopard 150th anniversary

The story of the prestigious brand

To celebrate its 150th anniversary, Chopard has decided to tell the story of its prestigious past by releasing a book entitled "Chopard, the Passion for Excellence", written by Salomé Broussky. This richly documental publication, enlivened with stunning original photographs by Helmut Stelzenberger, retraces the history of Chopard since its founding in 1860, presents its exceptional development, and offers an unusual prospective on this independent and visionary family business that associates high-precision watchmaking with daringly creative jewellery-making.

A taste for excellence, the pursuit of quality, creativity, innovation, independence and human respect are all depicted in detail in this book featuring an original and elegant graphic design.

From the first Happy Diamonds to the latest Haute Joalillerie creations and the ultra sophisticated L.U.C Watches, two generations of the Scheufele family have forged Chopard's worldwide success. Karl and Karn Scheufele first of all, who revived the brand by buying it up in 1963, and were joined in 1985 by their children Caroline Gruosi-Scheufele and Karl Friederich Scheufele.

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Friday 07 May, 2010 - 10:00 AM EDT

Chopard and FC Barcelona

1000 Miglia GT XL Speed Black FC Barcelona Watch

50 pieces were produced by Chopard in order to honor the FC BArcelona Football team for having won all the tittles in which it participated in one year.

In order to celebrate this success, each football player received this unique model 1000 Miglia GT XL Speed Black, produced in a limited edition, during a fantastic cocktail that took place in the Chopard Boutique in Barcelona to which Karl Schufele, Brand President, assisted together with his ambassador Josep Carreras.


Powerful 1000 Miglia GT XL Speed Black FC Barcelona features a stainless steel case (44 mm), with high-end DLC blackened finish, which perfectly matches the racy Dunlop Racing tire-tread rubber strap of the timepiece.

This unique watch, with a black sporty dial fitted with the “FC BARCELONA TRICAMPIONS” inscription, and contrasting white details, ensures chronograph function, through three counters, small second’s chronograph counter, located at 9 o’clock position, 12 hours counter, located at 6 o’clock, and a 30-minutes chronograph counter, located at 12 o’clock. It also features a round date display at 3 o’clock, beneath a magnifying lens.

Created for men cappable of appreciating both football and high-end watches. Chopard 1000 Miglia GT XL Speed Black FC Barcelona watch has a highly and precised COSC-certified chronograph movement. It is available for an approximate price ranging from $6,000.00 up to $10,000.00.


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Tuesday 08 September, 2009 - 10:00 AM EDT

Chopard L.U.C Calibre

Quattro, Quattro Tourbillon, Tech Régulateur, Lunar One, Chrono One, Tourbillon Titan and Lunar Big

In 1996, Chopard set up a high technology manufacturer centre in Fleurier (Val-de-Travers), Switzerland. As the main objective of this opening was the development of Chopard’s own calibre, L.U.C. 1/19 was born carrying the wristwatch company’s founder’s name: Louis – Ulysse Chopard.

Buying mechanisms to wristwatch producing companies like Piaget or Jaeger LeCoultre was not as rentable as producing them, so the company organize a qualified group lead by Jean Frédéric Dufour.

The first L.U.C. was developed and Chopard’s history changed.

L.U.C. Quattro: L.U.C. Calibre 1.98 with a power reserve of 216 hours, 9 days. It was presented in white, yellow and pink gold and also in platinum.

L.U.C. Quattro Tourbillon: L.U.C. Calibre 1.02 featuring the regulateur tourbillon.

L.U.C. Tech Régulateur: L.U.C. Calibre 4RT featuring a power reserve indicator, a second time zone of 24 hours placed at 9 o’clock and the day and night indicator.

L.U.C. Lunar One: L.U.C1. Calibre 85 QP incorporates the perpetual calendar, the moon phase and leap year indicators and also a second time zone function.

Ten years later from the first mechanism launching, in 2006, Chopard gave birth to the L.U.C. Chrono One incorporating the chronograph function according to high Swiss technology.

Two years later, Chopard presented the L.U.C. Tourbillon Titan SL with hours, minutes and seconds hands. Its calibre: L.U.C. 4TSL with mechanical and manual tourbillon. COSC certificate. Power reserve: 216 hours.

Two more models were presented:

The L.U.C. Tourbillon Tech Twist: L.U.C. Calibre 4TBST (Quattro Tourbillon Black Superlight Twist Silicium), the first Chopard movement that incorporated escape valve and a silence lever. Main Characteristics: Antimagnetic, 33 rubies, certified by COSC, 9 power reserve days, W.A.S dispositive (Winding Assistance System)

L.U.C. Lunar Big Date is the last one of Chopard’s L.U.C. calibre models. Calibre: L.U.C 96 LD, with 33 rubies and a 65 power reserve.

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Tuesday 14 July, 2009 - 09:10 AM EDT

Chopard Mille Miglia


The origins of the Mille Miglia race are closely linked to those of the Brescia Automobile Club. In 1927, the RACI (the Royal Automobile Club of Italy), established a public Vehicle register office and handed down the levying of car taxes to the various provinces. As a result, the Milan Automobile Club became an independent entity and severed its ties to Brescia, until then a section of the Milan Automobile Club.
However, the motor sport links between the two cities had become increasingly strained, the circuit had been built in record time in the park of the Royal Villa

In 1922 race was given to Monza, the organizers were able to take advantage of some of the technical innovations, such as the banked bends that had been developed at the Ghedi circuit in Montechiari. In the same year some of the first speedboat races to be held in Italy took place on nearby Lake Garda and the city's pioneering spirit was again underlined in 1909 when the Brescia 'Circuito aereo' introduced competitive aeronautics to Italy.

When the Brescia Automobile Club was formed the insult still rankled and it was clear that something had to be done - something spectacular that would be a satisfactory response but, at the same time, would not offend the sensibilities of the RACI or the ACM, both headed at the time by Senator Silvio Crespi.

The Club was formed under the leadership of a group of prominent young racing drivers with Franco Mazzotti Bianchelli as Chairman and Count Aymo Maggi di Gradella as vice-Chairman (together with Oreste Bertoli). It also attracted some influential political figures to its Board, including Member of Parliament Alfredo Giarratana and the future Brescia provincial Party Secretary Innocente Dugnani who was closely connected to Augusto Turati of Parma, Secretary of the Brescia Fascists from 1923 to 1926 and later of the national Fascist Party.

To add to these influential political connections and the considerable financial backing of its motor sport enthusiasts, the Club had the organisational experience of Renzo Castagneto of Verona a well-known cyclist, motorcycle racer and founder of the Polisportiva Ravelli club.
Castagneto had been a member of the volunteer force that had proclaimed an independent state in Fiume [Istria] in 1919 and was close to Mussolini until 1924. From 1923 onwards he proved to be a successful organizer of motor sport events as the General Secretary of the ACB, assisted by Baron Flaminio Monti, the Vice-Secretary.

What was decided was that the Club would organize a long distance race for production cars that would differ from the French Bol d'or [dating from 1922] and Grand Prix d'Endurance de 24 heures, 'Coupe Rudge Whitworth' [held from 1923 onwards and later known as the Le Mans 24 Hours] and other similar events such as the Gran Premio Turismo, a 24 hour race, run only once at Monza in 1926. It would not be linked to any circuit, would be easy to service and supply and would cover a large part of Italy, virtually taking the cars to the front doors of potential buyers. This was the equivalent of an advertising brainwave and attracted strong interest from the car manufacturers, which were struggling to sell their products at the time. It gave them an ideal opportunity to overcome the poor reputation their products had for reliability. It was also popular with the Government. It would present the modern face of Italy to the world as well as stimulating the popularity of motor vehicle use and thereby benefitting the industry, providing jobs and increasing revenue from taxes.

The Italian people would also derive a marginal benefit from improvements to the roads used in the race - a lingering problem from the time of the birth of the Kingdom of Italy in 1861.
To complete the organising team, later known as the 'Musketeers', Mazotti, Maggi and Castagneto needed a top-class journalist. As the story goes, they turned to Giovanni Canestrini of the influential 'Gazzetta dello Sport', a pioneering sports newspaper backed by motor industry leaders Giovanni Agnelli and Edoardo Bianchi [before control was bought by Alberto Bonacosso in 1929. Since 1909 this newspaper had been in competition with the 'Corriere della Sera', which supported the revival of the Giro d'Italia, a non-competitive road race that had taken place in 1901, and it was organising the cycle race of the same name, under the capable direction of Armando Cougnet who was the newspaper’s director.
Cougnet and Castagneto soon put together the details of the Mille Miglia Cup race. It would be run from Brescia to Rome [to flatter the Fascist regime] and back to Brescia, a distance of around 1600Km. This flattery paid off when the Government [or, at least, Turati] dismissed Senator Crespi's objection that the race would be 'too dangerous'.

It was at this time that the legend surrounding the origin of the name Mille Miglia was born. It has been recorded, with some variations in the details, at least three times by Canestrini over the years; in the 1930 edition of 'Numero Unico', in 1962 in his 'Una vita con le corse [a life in racing]' and, finally, in 1967 in 'Mille Miglia’.

[Source: Chopard Mille Miglia's Official Web Site ]


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Thursday 02 July, 2009 - 11:40 AM EDT

Vicky Cristina Barcelona and Chopard's Jewels

Woody Allen, Penelope Cruz, Scarlett Johansson and Javier Bardem

(Woody Allen)

Woody Allen (born Allen Stewart Konigsberg; December 1, 1935) is an American film director, screenwriter, actor, comedian, writer, musician and playwright who writes and directs his movies and has also acted in the majority of them. His script thematic centres mainly on literature, sexuality, philosophy, psychology, Jewish identity, European cinema and New York City, where he was born and has lived his entire life.

Allen was born and raised in New York City, the son of Nettie (a bookkeeper) and Martin Konigsberg (a jewellery engraver and waiter). After high school, he went to New York University (NYU), where he studied communication and film. He was never committed as a student, so he failed a film course, and was eventually expelled.

Vicky Cristina Barcelona

After finishing his third London film, Allen headed to Spain. He reached an agreement to film Vicky Cristina Barcelona, in Barcelona and Oviedo, where shooting started on July 9, 2007. Starring international actors and actresses as Scarlett Johansson, Javier Bardem, Rebecca Hall and Penélope Cruz, the plot centres on two North American women, Vicky and Cristina, spending a summer in Barcelona. They both meet an artist who is attracted to both of them while still enamoured of his mentally and emotionally unstable ex-wife María Elena. Vicky Cristina Barcelona was more than well received, winning "Best Musical or Comedy" at the Golden Globe awards. Penélope Cruz received the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in the film.

As in Scoop (2006), the wristwatch and jewellery company Chopard was the one in charge of the jewellery for the director’s jewels.

(Penélope Cruz)

Penélope Cruz Sánchez (born April 28, 1974), better known as Penélope Cruz, is a Spanish actress. She worked in well known films such as Jamón, Jamón (Ham Ham), La Niña de tus ojos (The girl in your eyes), and Belle époque. She also starred in several American films such as Blow, Vanilla Sky, and Vicky Cristina Barcelona. She is well known for her work with Spanish director Pedro Almodóvar, in Volver and Todo sobre mi madre (Everything about my mother). Cruz has been awarded three Goyas, two European Film Awards, and the Best Actress Award at the Cannes Film Festival. In 2009, she won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress, a Goya, and a BAFTA for her role in Vicky Cristina Barcelona. She is Spain's first female Oscar winner.

(Javier Bardem)

Javier Bardem is the youngest member of a family of actors that has been making films since the early days of Spanish cinema. During his teenage years he acted in several TV series, played rugby for the Spanish National Team and toured the country with an independent theatrical group. Javier's early film role as a sexy stud in the black comedy Jamón, jamón (Ham Ham) propelled him to instant popularity. With over 25 movies and numerous awards under his belt, it is Javier's stirring, passionate performance that made him received five Best Actor awards and a Best Actor Oscar nomination.

(Scarlett Johansson)

Scarlett I. Johansson (born November 22, 1984) is an American actress and singer. Johansson rose to fame with her role in 1998's The Horse Whisperer and subsequently gained critical acclaim for her roles in Ghost World, Lost in Translation (for which she won a BAFTA), and Girl with a Pearl Earring, the latter two earning her Golden Globe Award nominations in 2003.

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