Hublot appointed Ricardo Guadalupe as new CEO of the company - News

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Tuesday 10 January, 2012 - 12:00 PM EST

Hublot appointed Ricardo Guadalupe as new CEO of the company

Mr Guadalupe will be taking over the place of Jean Claude Biver

Hublot has announced that Jean-Claude Biver stepped down as CEO effective January 1. Hublot Managing Director Ricardo Guadalupe was named Biver’s successor. 

The transition has been planned for some time and is based on the significant accomplishments Guadalupe and Biver achieved together since 2005, and on the 20-year personal friendship the two men share.

Biver will continue to serve Hublot as the company’s Chairman of the Board, and he will continue to offer valuable business strategy and product development insights. As the official spokesperson of Hublot, Biver will also coordinate communications activities with the press and collectors, and with the trade and industry.

Biver said: that there is a time for learning, a time for doing, a time for handing over, and a time for moving on and that he has made it to the hand-over stage safe and sound. .

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