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Friday 27 August, 2010 - 10:00 AM EDT

Blancpain tames the legendary Hungaroring !

L-EVOLUTION, “Super Trofeo” Flyback Chronograph, date and small seconds, black carbon fibre dia

Budapest’s famous Hungaroring experienced an exceptional weekend with the Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo and Le Mans Serie competitions. The 4,380 metres and 14 bends of the circuit witnessed an incessant struggle between seasoned drivers such as Jean Alesi, Giancarlo Fisichella and Olivier Panis, providing a spectacular show for the many devotees of motor sports in attendance.

The Blancpain Reiter Engineering team, composed of Marc A. Hayek, President and CEO of Blancpain, and racing champion Peter Kox of The Netherlands, once again proved its excellent aptitudes by achieving convincing results throughout this fifth leg of the Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo. Constantly seeking to improve their performances and make the necessary adjustments to their Lamborghini Gallardo LP 560-4, Marc A. Hayek and Peter Kox are continuing to progress and to establish themselves as one of the most effective pairs in the championship.

In order to underscore its commitment to motor racing, Blancpain has developed an exceptional model dedicated to the world of mechanical passion. Presented in a titanium case, the L-evolution Super Trofeo 2010 features a dial and lugs entirely made from carbon fibre. This flyback chronograph model is distinguished by its appliques symbolising the tail-lights of the Lamborghini Gallardo, its oscillating rotor shaped like a double chequered flag, and last but not least by the alcantara strap subtly evoking the upholstery of these prestigious cars.

Results of the Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo (Team Reiter Engineering – no 24):

Marc A. Hayek / Peter Kox (1st in the 2nd and 3rd race).

The final leg of the Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo will take place in Vallelunga (Italy) on September 25th and 26th 2010.

Technical Information:

L-EVOLUTION, “Super Trofeo” Flyback Chronograph, date and small seconds,
black carbon fibre dial, self-winding
Ref: 8885F-1203-52B

Caliber F185:

Thickness: 5.50 mm
Diameter: 26.20 mm
Power-reserve in hours: 40
Jewels: 37
Components: 308
Limited edition of: 600

Titanium Case:

Thickness: 12.60 mm
Diameter: 43.50 mm
Water resistance: 10 bar (The Water resistance value expressed in metress corresponds to overpressure expressed in bars. Each bar corresponds to a 10-metre water column).
Sapphire crystal back: yes
Interhorn space: 23.00 mm


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Source: Blancpain's Press Release.

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Thursday 26 August, 2010 - 10:00 AM EDT

NEW Longines “Real Tennis HD” game on the iPad.

Official partner and timekeeper for the Roland Garros French Open

Longines is proud to be the official partner and timekeeper for the Roland Garros French Open. In an extension of this partnership with the world of tennis, Longines has also become the official timekeeper for the Rakuten Japan Open Tennis Championship and of the Kremlin Cup in Moscow. Andre Agassi and Stefanie Graf, that legendary pair of champions, are also Ambassadors of Elegance for the Swiss watch brand.

Now Longines is extending its commitment within the world of tennis by sponsoring the “Real Tennis HD” game on the iPad.

Meet up with the greatest players on the circuit in the best tennis game on iPad! Use the “accelerometer” controls to serve, as well as a joystick for a truly intuitive control method! Participate in Career mode and progress in the various tournaments on clay, grass or synthetic courts. Test your racquet skills against your friends in local multiplayer mode!

Click here to download the “Real Tennis HD” game from the Apple Store.


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Longines' Press Release ]

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Tuesday 24 August, 2010 - 10:10 AM EDT

Rolex celebrates 50 years of underwater heritage

Experience and knowledge

Trieste Rolex 1953

On the evening of January 23, 1960 as the setting sun turned the surface of the Pacific Ocean deep orange, Swiss oceanographer and engineer Jacques Piccard and United States Navy Lieutenant Don Walsh lowered themselves through the narrow tube and into the cabin of the bathyscaph, Trieste.

After having purchased the vessel, organised and financed the entire endeavour, the U.S. Navy then spent nine months preparing the Trieste and her team to participate in Project Nekton, a series of scientifically conducted deep dives carried out near the island of Guam in the Western Pacific. Nekton was, according to a U.S. Navy press release, a high-level undertaking intended to provide “scientific knowledge of sunlight penetration, underwater visibility, transmission of man-made sounds, and marine geological studies”. Strapped to the outside of the Trieste was a Rolex “Deep Sea Special”, the most advanced in a series of prototypes designed to withstand pressure that no human could ever survive. Together, the Rolex and the Trieste descended into uncharted waters.

Rolex was present on the project from 1953, when the Trieste was first launched, allowing the Swiss watch company to gain enormous experience and knowledge from the close collaboration in the years that would follow.

In early 1958, the U.S. Navy purchased the Trieste from the Piccards; Jacques was hired as a consultant to train personnel to maintain and operate it. The sphere of the Trieste – originally designed to withstand pressure at 6,000 metres (19,684 feet) – was then enlarged and perfected to withstand 11,000 metres (30,088 feet) of pressure. In all, the Trieste carried out 64 dives before the ship and her crew were ready for the ultimate test.

In jarringly rough seas on January 23, 1960 and with Piccard at his side, Walsh piloted the Trieste toward the silent darkness of the Mariana Trench. At almost 11 kilometres (6.8 miles) below sea level, the area known as the challenger Deep – the deepest known depression on the surface of our planet – was believed to be inhospitable to any life form.

At 10,916 metres, the pressure is over one metric tonne per square centimetre. To the surprise of the crew and, later, to the entire scientific community, with the help of the light provided by the bathyscaph’s mercury vapour lamps, Walsh and Piccard witnessed something no man had seen: marine life at the very bottom of the ocean. When the Trieste surfaced nearly 9 hours later, it became the first vessel – manned or unmanned – to reach the deepest part of the Earth’s ocean. The record set that day one half of a century ago remains unequalled by any manned vessel to this day. On January 25, 1960, a telegram arrived at the Rolex headquarters in Geneva. “Happy to announce that your watch works as well at 11,000 metres as it does on the surface”. It was signed Jacques.


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Source: Rolex

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Monday 23 August, 2010 - 10:00 AM EDT

The Hublot Polo Gold Gstaad Cup

in the best possible hands

Hublot was well represented this weekend in Gstaad, at the polo field set up especially for the occasion beside the airport of the Bernese Alps. The Hublot Polo Gold Cup Gstaad Switzerland’s biggest polo tournament enjoyed the newly-returned summer heat. The teams, which each had an overall handicap of 18, distinguished themselves with their spectacular sporting flair under these optimal conditions.

Hublot, not only was the main sponsor of the tournament, but also supported a team comprising 3 Argentinian players and one Italian. Their handicaps ranged from 1 to 7. Gualtiero Giori, Francesco Menendez, Eduardo Menendez and Julio Coria did Hublot proud, by qualifying for the final on Saturday afternoon in a very tight match against Team Gstaad Palace. Won over by the values conveyed by this sport, they were keen to reassert the affinities between Hublot and polo, such as tradition, precision, perfection, elegance and above all unity, a concept close to the brand’s heart!

Sunday saw Team Bank Baring Brothers Sturdza SA emerging victorious in the final, beating Team Hublot by one point by scoring the Golden Goal after an additional chukker. Every player received a Big Bang automatic chronograph, with the logo of the Hublot Polo Gold Cup Gstaad engraved on the caseback: a higly coveted trophy which made the players happy and doubtless very proud to now wear the same timepiece as the brand’s Argentinian ambassadors, Miguel Novillo Astrada and Facundo Pieres, two of the worlds best players.

For further information go to


Hublot's Watches at Interwatches!


Hublot's Official Website ]

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Monday 02 August, 2010 - 11:40 AM EDT

TAG HEUER MONACO: Limited Edition

For Porsche Club Of America

IT’S NOT JUST THE CARS, IT’S THE PEOPLE. a statement of unbridled joy concerning all that is Porsche - one of the reasons we chose to create the limited editionTAG Heuer Monaco to celebrate our obsession: 55 timepieces, each representing one year of existence of our cherished club.


In preparing to shoot Le Mans, Steve McQueen’s main source of inspiration was his friend Jo Siffert, the Swiss racecar legend who in 1969 became the first driver ever sponsored by a watch brand: Heuer (TAG, standing for Techniques d’Avantgarde, was added in 1985 as the result of a takeover). McQueen insisted on wearing Heuer’s Monaco in the film, which had just been launched. Perhaps it was McQueen’s influence, or perhaps it was Porsche driver Siffert’s, but the Monaco seemed to become the preferred chronograph of the racing and fashion worlds in the 1970s.


The Porsche Club of America was founded 55 years ago by a commercial artist at home in the greater Washington, D.C. area; the first informal gathering took place at Bill Sholar’s home on February 8, 1955. By the time the second Porsche Parade occurred one year later, there were already 550 members. Sholar became Porsche’s official importer in 1963, the year Ken Twigg became president and 2,000 members were charted. The annual “Treffen”—which began as a get-together in Stuttgart with the Porsche Club of Germany—remains one of the club’s most important ventures and allows members to have an all-inclusive Porsche experience in the country of the car’s manufacture. Now serving more than 100,000 members, the PCA is the largest single-marque car club in the world.



TAG Heuer’s Monaco model celebrated its fortieth birthday in 2009. This watch, whose unique and uncompromising geometry helped achieve its almost legendary status, is one of the most recognizable timepieces in the world.

The official limited edition of the TAG Heuer Monaco manufactured for the Porsche Club of America can be ordered now, though projected delivery will not take place until September. This automatic wristwatch includes a chronograph, the equivalent of a stopwatch on the wrist. Its special dial designed in red and black rally stripes and the racing number “55,” as well as the Porsche Club of America’s logo engraved on the back, underscore the unique quality of this club watch. >>


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