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Wednesday 09 March, 2011 - 11:40 AM EST


Omega Watches

  The Speedmaster first appeared in 1957 following and idea by Pierre Moinat, creative director of Omega. The name, Speedmaster, was chosen as a suggestion fot its use. The external bezel with engraved tachometric scale was one of the novelties. The black dial with tritium-plated hands and hours recalled the instruments found in a car and contributed to conferring a classic yet sporty look to the Speedmaster. The case, with the base-plate screws down and the pump-action chronograph buttons, was designed by Claude Baillod, one of Omega´s designers, and the first prototype was made by Georges Hartman.  The Speedmaster was destined to be part of the large family of Seamasters and like those watches, these ones kept the seahorse symbol on the base-plate. After a long period of severe testing and comparisons with other apparently similar chronographs, the watch was given the “Professional” title and allowed to accompany the first (Apollo XI) mission and the last landing on the Moon (Apollo XVII) In half a century of production, there have been some aesthetic and mechanical transformations: the case has changed from and size, the calibre is different and variants have been made in precious metals. All of the series have presented character and personality. The Speedmaster Professional is still today part of the “EVA” (Extra Vehicular Activity) equipment used by all astronauts for their “Strolls” in space!

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