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Friday 04 November, 2011 - 09:50 AM EDT

New Advertising Campaign by Panerai

The supremacy of technology

Officine Panerai has launched a new official advertising campaign with the Panerai watch as the main star of the campaign. The ads pay tribute to the iconic luxury sports watch still capable today of relating its unique design with its history.

Panerai’s new campaign has been conceived by the Italian agency Hi! Comunicazione, based in Milan, who assigned photographer Raffaello Benedetti Bra the task of bringing to light the Panerai watches. The timepieces as display on the ads play the leading role in what is a forceful advertising message in its understated, elegant simplicity, a message expressed through different themes and subjects, offering a comprehensive view of the brand’s fundamental values.

The first theme of the campaign is the history of Officine Panerai, its links with Florence of the second half of the nineteenth century, where the brand originated, and its role as supplier to the Italian Navy. The sea provides the main setting, with all the visual elements expressing a message of strength, soundness and heroism.

On the second theme, the element of design emerges thanks to emblematic images of Panerai watches, whose iconic simplicity, harmony and refined details can be appreciated all at once. The sophisticated mechanisms of the movements made by Officine Panerai in its factory in appear in the background, as if to conjure up the watches’ inner soul, extraordinarily important yet hidden from view.

The new advertising campaign has been created for the press (magazines and newspapers) and comes in quarter page, single page or – a new departure for the brand – double page ads. A digital media version is planned for a later stage.


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