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Thursday 19 November, 2009 - 13:00 PM EST

Carmen Electra and Rolex

Once more, Rolex Day Date.

Precision and innovation, transparent rarities differentiate the best from good. Rolex wristwatches captivate full attention. Rolex is a brand that has been producing unique watches since their beginning and has never stopped. Rolex enjoys a fine reputation of being the one that produces the finest wrist watches
Carmen Electra, born as Tara Leigh Patrick, worked as a fashion model and also as a dancer. She acted in low budget movies till she worked in the legendary TV series Baywatch as a chic lifeguard and shaped multiple appearances in Playboy. She was also awarded at the MTV Movie Awards for her role in Starsky & Hutch.

The Rolex Day Date is a symbol of a decorated exclusive watch.

Carmen Electra has a lot of vivacity, one of the main characteristics of the Rolex Day Date together with the personified elegance. With a streamlining shape and the finishing reflects the precision that has gone into making this timeless piece,  this watch is meant to epitomize time. Sparkling diamonds have been encrusted in the watch making it a visual treat with the flagship feature being the weekday display which can be preset in 26 distinct dialects. The 18 Carat Gold in which it is embellished is spectacular and the calendar mechanism in the watch takes a mere three milliseconds to navigate to the next day. The Oyster case in which it gets sheltered is put through 150 manufacturing strides to certify its waterproof ability. The watch can be taken to a depth of 330 feet and will still emerge unscathed by its effect. This is one model that is also preferred by divers wanting to keep a check on time while going beneath waters. The watch symbolizes style, a virtue exemplified by Carmen Electra.

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