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Tuesday 30 December, 2014 - 17:00 PM EST

How much do you know about the most admired dive watch, Rolex Submariner?

Are you a watch enthusiast, watch collector or just a lover of Rolex watches? Do you know the story?

The Rolex Submariner was launched in 1953 but it actually started 1926 when Rolex presented the most admired Oster case.  In 1930, the so called Oster case became more resistant to water and dirt.  In 1930 Rolex started to produce the Oster case watches which was designed to keep away from dirt and durable in case of accidental water exposure. 
In the mid of 1930, Panerai, an Italian company had supplied underwater equipment for the Italian Navy.  Italian Navy had made an order to purchase of Italian watches, but Panerai didn’t have the capacity to create the watch that why they made a partnership with Rolex. 

Rolex decided to make its own genuine Dive Watch in 1950.  It was an idea of Rolex Director and Marketing Executive Rene-Paul Jeanneret who was also a diving enthusiast.   His ideas and experiences in diving gave him the idea of the technical and design requisite of a dive watch.
Rolex made a remarkable move by submerging a Rolex dive watch on a submarine vessel’s exterior. Rolex dive watch was appeared to be functioning normally and not affected at all.
It was on the same year when Rolex had presented the first Rolex Submariner dive watch. Rolex Submariner was water resistant of up to 100 meters but they soon have increased it to 180 meters. The watch featured a knurled rotating bezel with clear marking in five minute increments and arrow shaped zero marker with luminous dot pointing towards the center. Rolex submariner was called it the “Divers Companion”.   The Rolex Submariner had a matte, black dial, large luminous markers and luminous hand for hours, minutes and seconds. 

The watch has been tried out thoroughly and passed all the assessments. Rolex Submariner had endured a total of 132 dives with depths of 12 to 60 meters for the period of five months.  According to the statement from the Institute for Deep Sea Research in Cannes on October 26,1953.  The issued statement of the Institute was read as follows:  “Despite the extremely high salt content of the Mediterranean  waters,  and  the  tropical  temperature and  humidity  to which  the watch  was exposed  between  the individual  dives, it showed no corrosion at all.... Likewise, no moisture was detected within the watch.  All other  previous  tests with  water-resistant  watches  from top brands  showed  water  penetration from  the first moment  of the dive, indicated  by the condensation that formed on the inner surface of the crystal. The watch    as worn multiple times during dives with an extended crown (i.e., the crown was pulled out to the position for setting the hands). To conclude these tests, the watch was attached to a thin cord and dropped to a depth of 120 meters — twice as deep as 60 meters, the maximum depth achievable with self-contained co   pressed air equipment. No leaks were detected even after a one hour period at this depth.”
In order to improve the qualities of Rolex Submariner, Rolex acquired many of experts’ advice.  The unique crown guard shape that we now relate with Rolex Submariner was launched in 1959.
The introduction of Rolex Submariner was concurred with another remarkable Rolex diving feat.  The Submarine Trieste, with its 2-meter wide pressure sphere, big enough to hold to people, descended for the 65th times into the depths on January 23, 1960 with the aim of reaching Challenger Deep in Marian Trench, the deepest part of the ocean. The Rolex diving has 2 men namely Jacques Piccard and an American Marine Lieutenant Dan Walsh.  There was a very special Rolex prototype, a watch with Oyster case which was designed to withstand the pressure in the vessel of about 10,916 meters descent which exerted a pressure on the vessel of about 1,125kg/cm.  The idea was to prove that Oyster case can survive  the ordeal.
Excitement was great to see the result and it was a tremendous amazement that the watch is still working the same. For more than 50 years, Rolex Submariner has always been the best Divers’ Companion.

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