Rolex Tudor watches History

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Rolex Tudor History

The History of Rolex Tudor Watches


The History of Tudor
Tudor Models

The History of Rolex Tudor Watches

In 1905 Wilsdorf launched his own company in England and started producing high quality watches. Then in 1908, he registered the "Rolex" brand in La Chaux-de-Fonds Switzerland. The company remained in England fifteen years approximately and in 1920 moved to Geneva.

It was not until 1946 that Hans Wilsdorf first opened Tudor. Wilsdorf chose the name Tudor because he wanted to honor the Tudor period of England.

The Tudor watches used the Tudor Rose signed on the dial which is the heraldic emblem of England and takes its origin from the Tudor dynasty. Ending 1960's Tudor changes its famous Rose sign for the actual Shield sign.

The main difference between Rolex and Tudor could be seen already in the 40's when the first Rolex Tudor Oyster was introduced: Inside the screwed-in Oyster case, instead of a Rolex manufactured movement, there was a movement supplied by Ebauches SA, ETA.

Throughout the years, Rolex Tudor Chrono models stands out since the brand manufactures them from the beginning with valijoux movements that were modified and improved for Rolex Tudor watches (similar to those manufactured for Rolex chronographs) including exotic dials such as the Rolex Tudor Montecarlo series with diverse colors and designs.

Rolex Tudor chonograph movements evolved from manual to automatic, with deeper cases and plastic crystals.

Moreover, Rolex Tudor manufactured ladies' and men's watches with the same size as Rolex: 13mm (ladies'), 17mm (mid size), 19mm (men's date) and 20mm (men';s date just). Sport watches like the Rolex Tudor Submariner were also manufactured in black like the Rolex Submariner and also with blue dial. Throughout the years, some models such as the Rolex Tudor Ranger or the Rolex Tudor Ranger II have stood out for its outstanding arabic numbered dial on 3, 6 and 9 and the special orange hands like the Rolex Explorer II "Steeve MacQueen" and its particular dials signed in red. Other famous watches produced were the Rolex Tudor Alarm and the Rolex Tudor Day Date with its exceptionally size for that time

The majority of these watches has been made in Stainless Steel but we can find them in 14KT and 18KT Yellow Gold or two tone.

Rolex Tudor also joined Rolex in the manufacture of the watches nowadays known as Vintage, with cases, dials and hands similar to Rolex's.

Rolex Tudor always took advantage of their direct connection to Rolex in order to improve their sales. In addition, Rolex Tudor was conceived from the beginning as the "second" brand, which results in more moderate prices than its bigger, more famous brother. Rolex Tudor watches are sold through official and authorized Rolex retailers but the Tudor brand is not currently available in the United States. Still, it continues to be sold in Europe, Asia, Canada and Latin America.

The French Navy used Rolex Tudor watches for its divers, the first Rolex Tudor Submariners were purchased from the Marine Natioinale in the late 60`s. In addition, the same model was used by the US Navy for its UDT and the Navy Seals.

Rolex signed bracelets and crowns were part of the Tudor models up to 1990`s.

In 1997 Rolex signed a contract with the famous golf player Tiger Woods to advertise the Rolex Tudor Prince Chronograph. The first Rolex Tudor Chronograph Tiger Woods model came out with a variety of colored displays. Therefore, Rolex Tudor became a pioneer in exotic colored dials. One example could be the classic Rolex Tudor Tiger Woods model with soleil and red-signed black dial.

Even when it has an aristocratic name of its own, a Tudor still remains a Rolex.

Tudor Models


The sport collection reflects performance and dynamism due to its mixture of materials, vibrant colors and contrasting combinations. The design of each watch and its functionality is based in high technology. It is a pleasure to wear these models which can be found in steel or in a combination of steel and 18 ct yellow gold.
Everything contributes to the total effect: on-off pushers, rotatable bezels, solid bracelets, ergonomic clasps.
The sport collection has different models available in steel or in a combination of steel and 18 ct. All of them are equipped with an automatic mechanism.
They are supplied with a screw crown and they are hermetic until 150 meters of depth, except for the hydronaut models that are hermetic until 200 meters.

  • Chronograph
  • Aeronaut
  • Hydronaut
  • Sport


The classic collection is distinguished by the silken, smooth forms and elegant of aspect. They are designed for people who are looking for originality and creativity. It is possible to choose between watches with different colors for the dials and bracelets which are either contemporary or classic as you are. The women models are adorned with bezels set in sun, star or moon motifs.
The classic collection is composed of models in steel combined with leather, steel models or in steel with 18 karat gold. All of them are equipped with an automatic mechanism and are hermetic until 50 meters of depth. (The references: 21010, 21010 and 22013 are hermetic until 100 meters).

  • Lady Diamonds
  • Classic 39mm
  • Classic 38mm
  • Classic 28mm

Rolex Tudor Chrono Models


Year: 1960 / 70

Ref: 7169-0

Rolex Tudor CHRONOGRAPH Montecarlo Automatic

Year: 1970 / 80

Ref: 94210


Year: 2005

Ref: 79260p

Rolex Tudor Ranger


Year: 19

Ref: 9111

Rolex Tudor Submariner

ROLEX TUDOR Submariner

Year: 1994

Ref: 79090

Rolex Tudor Mini Sub

Rolex Tudor MINI SUB

Year: 1995


Rolex Tudor Alarm

Rolex Tudor Alarm

circa: 1963

Ref: 1537

Rolex Tudor Vintaje

Rolex Tudor Vintage Ladies Watch

Year: 1953

Ref: 7951

ROLEX TUDOR Vintage Watch Mens

Year: 1953

Ref: 5010

Rolex Tudor Day Date


Year: 2000



Circa: 1980's

Ref: 70170

Rolex Tudor Date

Rolex Tudor Men Date Watch

Year: 1973

Ref: 90520

ROLEX TUDOR Ladies Watch

Year: 1978

Ref: 92400

Rolex Tudor 2007 Sport Collection Aeronaut

ROLEX TUDOR Sport Collection Aeronaut

Year: 2007

Ref: 20200-93570

ROLEX TUDOR Sport Collection Aeronaut

Year: 2007

Ref: 20200

Rolex Tudor 2007 Sport Collection Chronograph

ROLEX TUDOR Sport Collection Chronograph

Year: 2007

Ref: 20300


Rolex Tudor 2007 Sport Collection

ROLEX TUDOR Sport Collection Date Mens

Year: 2007

Ref: 20010-62100

Rolex Tudor 2007 Classic Collection Lady Diamonds

ROLEX TUDOR Classic Collection Lady Diamonds

Year: 2007

Ref: 79440