Colonel's return from the Gobi Desert Expedition - News

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Friday 26 August, 2011 - 15:00 PM EDT

Colonel's return from the Gobi Desert Expedition

Colonel John Blashford Snell

Back from holidays, the Manufacture Zenith is pleased to send you fresh information regarding Colonel John Blashford Snell's latest mission in Gobi desert.

This summer, the Scientific Exploration Society suppported expedition to Mongolia's Gobi and discovered the remains of two dinosaurs, carried out botanical and zoological studies and given valuable medical and dental aid to the nomads of this remote area.

Working with palaeontologists from the Mongolian National University, they discovered a complete skull of a 73 million year old plant eating horned dinosaur known as a Protoceratops and the remains of a 70 million year old carnivorous Viloceraptor. These valuable remains have been taken to Ulaanbaatar for further research. Studies of the botany and wildlife also produced important finds.

Next mission planned: Study of giant elephants in Nepal next April. For sure, Zenith will follow the Colonel for this new great adventure.

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